1.7.3 Navigation Pane

Many of the views rendered for the different tabs available in the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface include a navigation pane, situated on the left hand side of the screen. The navigation pane is mostly used to organize objects that have a grouped relationships within Oracle VM Manager. These relationships are exposed in the form of a navigation tree.

The navigation tree shows the relationship between managed objects. These objects are both physical and virtual, and include Oracle VM Servers, server pools, virtual machines and so on, created using Oracle VM Manager. For example, the relationships between server pools, Oracle VM Servers, and the virtual machines hosted on those Oracle VM Servers. The navigation tree presents each object type as a node. If an object type contains child elements, it is possible to expand the node to view the elements that it contains. In the navigation tree presented on the Servers and VMs tab, there is a parent object called Server Pools. If you have already defined a server pool within your environment, this node can be expanded to show the server pools that you have already defined. Since each server pool must contain one or more servers, the individual server pool entries in the navigation tree are also displayed as expandable nodes. By expanding any of these nodes it is possible to see a list of each server within the server pool.

For each item in the hierarchy of the navigation tree, a different view is displayed in the management pane. The content of the management pane changes, depending on the object you select in the navigation tree. This view can often be changed by selecting a particular perspective from the Section 1.7.4, “Perspectives” drop-down. Therefore, if you wish to see the virtual machines that are running on a particular server within a server pool, on the Servers and VMs tab you would expand the Server Pools node, expand the server pool entry that you are interested in and select the server that you wish to view. Finally, in the management pane, select the Virtual Machines perspective.


The icons for objects in the Navigation Tree may vary depending on the object's event status. Usually the same icon is used but an event anomaly is highlighted using an overlay applied to the original icon. See Section 1.8, “Object Icon Colors” for more information.