5.2.1 Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane displayed on the VLAN Interfaces tab is used to control the VLAN interfaces that are displayed in the Management Pane. The Navigation Pane presents a tree view of the server objects that have been discovered within your environment. Servers are grouped by Server Pools or are automatically presented beneath the node titled Unassigned Servers.

Expanding the Server Pools node, allows you to see each of the server pools configured within your environment. Selecting a particular server pool from the list presented, updates the Management Pane to show only the VLAN interfaces configured for that server pool.

Clicking on the Unassigned Servers node is equivalent to selecting an individual server pool. The Management Pane is updated to show only the VLAN interfaces configured for servers that do not belong to a server pool.

Both the Unassigned Servers node and any of the server pool nodes can be further expanded to list the servers that belong to these nodes. The VLAN interfaces displayed in the Management Pane can be further limited to each individual server listed.

Finally, you are able to expand server nodes to list the ports or bonds that are available for each server. By selecting a particular port for any server in the Navigation Pane, the list of VLAN interfaces presented in the Management Pane is limited to those interfaces configured for that specific port or bond.