3.4.5 Policies Perspective

The Policies perspective provides information about the policies that are currently configured for a server pool. These policies define how virtual machines are managed across the server pool depending on power or resource consumption. Policies also apply to network availability and are applied here as well.

The following information is available in this perspective:

  • Policy Control

    • Policy Type: If a policy is set, this field indicates the type of policy applied (either DRS or DPM).

    • Time Period (minutes): The number of minutes between policy job runs.

  • Server Processors

    • Enable: Whether or not CPU performance and utilization are logged for policy enactment.

    • Threshold (%): The maximum amount of CPU percentage usage allowed before the policy must be enacted.

  • Servers

    • Servers: A comma-separated list of the servers to which the policy applies.

  • Networks: Displays a table of networks and how the policy applies. The following columns are included in the table:

    • Network: The name of the network that the policy applies to.

    • Enable: Whether the policy is enabled on the network.

    • Threshold (%): The percentage threshold of network usage that triggers the policy.

This perspective includes a toolbar that consists of the following options:

Table 3.8 Policies Perspective Toolbar Icon Options

Toolbar Icon Option




Edit... icon

Displays the Configure DRS/DPM wizard. Use this option to set or edit resource policies for the server pool.

Select a server pool in the Servers and VMs tab to enable this option.