7.1.4 Find Components with matching Tag

To view all components that share a common tag

  1. On the Tools and Resources tab, click on the Tags subtab link.

  2. In the management pane, select the tag that you wish to search.

  3. Click on the Find Components icon Find Components icon . A dialog is displayed with the following editable fields:

    • Components using Tag: Use this drop-down menu to select alternative tags that you have defined to quickly search through different groups of components.

    • Show Type: Use this drop-down menu to select the different object types that should be displayed for the selected tag. By default all object types are shown, but you can limit the display to any combination of:

      • Server Pools

      • Servers

      • Virtual Machines

    A table is shown in the dialog, listing all objects that match the defined criteria. The table provides the following information:

    • Name: The name of the object that meets the search criteria.

    • Tag(s): A comma-separated list of the different tags that currently apply to the object.

    • Type: The object type (for example Server Pool, Server or VM).

    • Parent: The name of the object's parent, if a parent object exists.

  4. Click Close to exit out of the dialog.