3.4.1 Info Perspective

The Info perspective is common to many elements within the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface. This perspective always shows the individually configured parameters for an item that is currently selected in the navigation tree. Some of these configured parameters may be automatically populated through a discovery process, while others may have been configured manually during the creation of the object that is selected.

This perspective includes the following information:

  • Server Pool Name: The configured name for the server pool.

  • Server Count: The number of Oracle VM Servers that belong to the server pool.

  • Clustered: Whether or not the server pool is configured as a cluster.

  • Timeout for Cluster: The number of seconds before a server in the cluster times out.

  • Master Server: The server that is currently configured as the Master Server for the server pool.

  • Virtual IP: The configured virtual IP address for the server pool.

  • ID: The UUID for this server pool.

  • Description: The description provided for this server pool when it was created or edited.

  • Pool File System: The path to the file system that is used for the server pool file system.

  • Pool File System Type: The type of file system where the server pool file system is stored.

  • Pool File System Storage Device: The device used for the pool file system.

  • NFS/NAS File System: The NFS mount path for the pool file system if NFS is used.

  • VM Console Keymap: The configured keymap for the virtual machine console.

  • VM Start Policy: The virtual machine start-up policy selected for the server pool.

  • File Servers: A list of file servers that are currently presented to the server pool.

  • Secure VM Migrate: Whether or not the server pool is configured to support secure migrations of virtual machines.