4.1 Toolbar

The navigation pane includes its own toolbar that provides quick access to the most commonly used configuration tools for the Repositories tab. Clicking on any of the icons provided in the toolbar opens a dialog or wizard that can guide you through the configuration process for that item. The toolbar icons included in the Repositories navigation pane are:

The Toolbar also includes a filter that controls which repositories are represented within the navigation tree and within the perspectives available in the management pane. The filter includes two radio buttons:

  • Show My Repositories: Filters the content to only show repositories that are currently under the ownership of this Oracle VM Manager instance.

  • Show All Repositories: Filters the content to show all repositories that have been discovered by this Oracle VM Manager instance, regardless of whether or not they are owned by the current Oracle VM Manager instance .

If you release ownership of a repository and it is not displayed on this tab, you should check that the filter is not set to Show My Repositories if you wish to perform an action on the repository.