Create Access Group

To create Access Groups for non-uniform exports

  1. In the Storage tab, expand the File Servers folder in the navigation pane and select a file server listed here. In the management pane, select the Access Groups perspective from the drop down.

  2. To add a new Access Group, click the Create an Access Group icon Create an Access Group icon .

    1. The Create an Access Group wizard appears. Enter a meaningful name and description for the Access Group that you are creating. The group defines the set of file systems that are available to a particular set of servers. Click Next.

    2. In the Select File Systems step, identify the file systems that are accessible via the set of servers that you are going to assign to the Access Group. Use the arrow buttons to move them into the Selected File System(s) panel. Click Next.

    3. In the Select Servers step, select either the individual servers or the server pools that have access to the file system exports that you selected in the previous step. Use the arrow buttons to move them into the Selected Server(s)/Selected Server Pool(s) panel. The option to add an entire server pool to the access group is a convenience and simply adds all of the servers that belong to a particular server pool at the time that you perform the action. If you add or remove a server from a server pool after you have created the access group, the access group configuration is not automatically updated.

    4. Click Finish to complete the process of defining a new Access Group.


A file system may only be associated with one Access Group. If you create a new Access Group for a file system that is already associated with an existing Access Group, the file system is disassociated from the original Access Group.