4.6.1 ISOs Perspective

The ISOs perspective lists the ISO files (CDROMs) configured in your environment. The following columns are displayed in the management pane:

  • Name: The name that has been configured for the ISO file.

  • Size (GiB): The size of the ISO file.

  • Description: The description of the ISO file.

Clicking on the arrow to the left of an ISO file in the table displays the resources that use the file.

This perspective includes a toolbar that consists of the following options:

Table 4.5 ISOs Perspective Toolbar Icon Options

Toolbar Icon Option



Import ISO...

Import ISO... icon

Displays the Import ISO dialog box. Use this option to import an ISO file.

Edit Selected ISO...

Edit Selected ISO... icon

Displays the Edit ISO dialog box. Use this option to edit an ISO file.

Delete Selected ISO

Delete Selected ISO icon

Displays the Delete Confirmation dialog box. Use this option to delete the selected ISO file.

Clone ISO...

Clone ISO... icon

Clones (creates a copy of) an ISO file.