Present or Unpresent Repository

To present a storage repository to Oracle VM Servers:

  1. Select the Repositories tab and select the repository of your choice in the navigation pane.

  2. Click Present/Unpresent Present/Unpresent icon. in the toolbar above to change the list of servers the repository is presented to.

  3. In the Present this Repository to Server(s) dialog box, use the check box to select whether to present individual Oracle VM Servers, or all Oracle VM Servers in one or more server pools. Then use the arrow buttons to move the required Oracle VM Servers or server pools between the panes.

    If you present a repository to a server pool, this has the same effect as selecting all of the Oracle VM Servers within the server pool and presenting the repository to them individually. If you add or remove servers from a server pool after you have presented the repository to a server pool, the configuration is not updated automatically. The option to present the repository to a server pool is a convenience and simply presents the repository to all servers that belong to a particular server pool at the time that you perform the action.

  4. Click OK to present the storage repository to the selected Oracle VM Servers.