Edit Virtual Disk

To edit a virtual disk:

  1. Click the Repositories tab. Select the repository in which the virtual disk is located. Select Virtual Disks in the navigation tree.

  2. Select the virtual disk in the table in the management pane. Click Edit Virtual Disk... Edit Virtual Disk... icon in the management pane toolbar.

  3. The Edit Virtual Disk dialog box is displayed. Enter or select the following:

    • Virtual Disk Name: A name for the virtual disk.

    • Size (GiB): The size of the disk, in GiB.

    • Resize Action: Whether the virtual disk should use sparse or non-sparse allocation. This drop-down selector does not default to the allocation type that was used when the disk was created, as this information is not stored within Oracle VM Manager.

    • Description: A description of the virtual disk.

    • Shareable: Whether the virtual disk is shareable. Shareable disks have read/write privileges in multiple virtual machines and should be used with caution.


    The actual virtual disk image file is saved with a filename that contains the UUID for the virtual disk image. This is displayed in the ID field at the top of the dialog. This field is not editable.

    Click OK to save the changes.


    When resizing a disk there is always a risk of data corruption. Also, the file system on the virtual disk may not be aware of the resize operation, so you may have to perform operating specific procedures to make the guest virtual machine aware of the change in disk size. Usually, after resizing a virtual disk, you may need to shutdown and then restart the guest virtual machine that is making use of the disk before it is able to register the new disk size.