Clone ISO

To copy an ISO file to the same repository, another repository, a file system, or a storage array, you clone the ISO file. To clone an ISO file, it must not be in use by any running virtual machines or other clone job.

To clone an ISO file:

  1. Click the Repositories tab. Select the repository in which the ISO is located. Select ISOs in the navigation tree.

  2. Select the ISO in the table in the management pane. Click Clone ISO Clone ISO icon in the management pane toolbar.

  3. The Clone ISO dialog box is displayed. Select or edit the following:

    • Clone Target Type: The destination storage type for the cloned ISO, either:

      • Repository

      • Physical Disk

      • Storage Array

    • Clone Target: The destination location for the cloned ISO. Click Search Clone Target Search Clone Target icon to select the destination.

      The Search Clone Target dialog box is displayed. Select the location on which to clone the ISO and click OK.

    • Clone Type: Whether to use a Sparse Copy or Non-sparse Copy. Sparse Copy creates a sparse disk, so the size of the disk is smaller than the original. Sparse copy is faster than using Non-Sparse Copy. Non-Sparse Copy copies the entire ISO, and so is slower than creating a sparse disk.

    Click OK to clone the ISO file.