Create Repository Export

To create a repository export:

  1. Click the Servers and VMs tab.

  2. In the navigation pane, select the Oracle VM Server on which you want to create the repository export location.

  3. Select Repository Exports from the Perspective drop-down list in the management pane.

  4. Click Create Repository Export.. Create Repository Export... icon in the toolbar.

  5. The Create Repository Export dialog box is displayed. Enter or select the following:

    • Client IP/Host Name: The IP address or hostname of the computer for which to grant access to the repository contents. This is likely to be the machine on which the third party back up and restore software is running.

    • Repository: An OCFS2 storage repository presented to the Oracle VM Server. This is the repository you want to back up.


      You cannot create a repository export for an NFS storage repository. When creating a repository export, you can only select an OCFS2 storage repository. An NFS storage repository is also an NFS share and can be exported without using the repository export functionality.

    • Options: The parameters to include in the NFS mount configuration, for example:

      rw, async, no_root_squash

      Click OK.