7.1 Tags

The Tags subtab provides facilities to add, edit and delete tags. There is also an option to find components that share a common tag. These options can be accessed either using the toolbar at the top of the tab, or by using the context menu that appears when you right-click on an item within the panel.

The way in which tags are used within Oracle VM Manager is discussed in detail in Section 1.14, “Tags”


Tag names are case-sensitive. Tag names are unique and cannot be duplicated.

This subtab includes a toolbar that consists of the following options:

Table 7.2 Tags Subtab Toolbar Icon Options

Toolbar Icon Option



Create New Tag...

Create New Tag... icon

Displays the Create Tag dialog box. Use this option to create a new tag to identify and group components within Oracle VM Manager.

Edit Tag...

Edit Tag... icon

Displays the Edit Tag dialog box. Use this option to change the name or description of an existing tag.

Delete Tag

Delete Tag icon

Displays the Delete Confirmation dialog box. Use this option to delete the selected tag.

Find Components...

Find Components... icon

Displays the Components Using Tag dialog box. Use this option to search for components that share the same selected tag.