Edit Bond Port

To edit a bond port:

  1. Select the Servers and VMs tab.

  2. In the navigation pane, select the Oracle VM Server on which the bond port is to be edited. If the Oracle VM Server is already part of a server pool, it is listed under Server Pools. Otherwise, find and select the Oracle VM Server in the Unassigned Servers folder.

  3. In the management pane, set the Perspective to Bond Ports and select the bond to edit. In the toolbar above, click Edit Selected Port Edit Selected Port icon . The Edit Port dialog box is displayed.

  4. You can set or change the bonding mode, the IP addressing, the mask, the MTU, the description, or the ports that are part of the bond. The Addressing field provides a drop-down selector that allows you to choose either None, Static or Dynamic to specify how IP Addressing should be configured on this bond. If you select Static here, the IP Address and Mask fields become available to edit, otherwise they remain uneditable. Setting the Addressing field to None deletes any previous IP addressing configured for the bond.


    The IP addressing must either be set to Dynamic or Static (and the IP addressing information completed) if you intend to use the network bond for an Oracle VM network channel, such as for "Server Management", "Live Migrate","Cluster Heartbeat" or "Storage".

  5. Click OK to save and apply your changes.