1.5 User Interface Overview

The Oracle VM Manager Web Interface provides a set of tabs, work areas (management panes), icons, and toolbars, for access to various functions and configuration screens. Figure 1.1, “The Oracle VM Manager Web Interface” shows the main components of the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface.

Figure 1.1 The Oracle VM Manager Web Interface

The components of the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface are described in more detail in Table 1.1, “Oracle VM Manager Web Interface components”.

Table 1.1 Oracle VM Manager Web Interface components

User Interface Item


Global Links

Contain navigation and resources which are relevant to the whole Oracle VM Manager Web Interface. See Section 1.6, “Using the Global Links” for information on each global link.


The tabs available are Health, Servers and VMs, Repositories, Networking, Storage, Tools and Resources, Jobs,and Getting Started. See Section 1.7, “Using the Tabs” for information on each tab.


Allows quick access to a group of task icons. The icons in the toolbar change depending on the selected tab. See Section 1.7.5, “Toolbars” for information on the toolbar.

Navigation Pane

Contains the navigation tree. See Section 1.7.3, “Navigation Pane”

Navigation Tree

Shows hierarchy of physical and virtual components. Click on a component to open its default pane and related management panes. See Section 1.7.3, “Navigation Pane” for more information on the navigation tree.

Management Pane

Contains the management panes for the selected tab. The management panes change depending on the selected subtab or Perspective in the drop-down list in the management pane toolbar. The management panes that can be displayed are described in each tab. See Section 1.7.4, “Perspectives” for more information.

Job Summary Pane

The Job Summary pane provides a summary of jobs; Total Jobs, Pending, In Progress, Failed, Aborted and Complete. Click an icon to open a dialog box showing the tasks. The dialog box lets you export a list of the jobs to a spreadsheet file, view details of a job, or abort a job. See Chapter 8, Jobs Tab for more information on jobs.

The Job Summary pane also includes a status icon that indicates the readiness of Oracle VM Manager:

  • Oracle VM Manager status ready icon The icon is green when Oracle VM Manager is running normally and it is safe to perform any operations.

  • Oracle VM Manager status starting/stopping icon The icon is yellow when Oracle VM Manager is either in the process of starting up or shutting down. During these periods it is not recommended that any actions are performed within Oracle VM Manager.

The sections that follow describe each set of controls and their relationship to one another, in more detail.