1.7.6 Management Pane

The management pane is usually, but not always, presented in table format. Objects or elements are listed in rows, and information or fields of data related to an object or element is separated into columns. In some cases information in the management pane may be simply presented as informational content listed in a form-like presentation.

Where the information in the management pane is presented as a table, it is often possible to sort the data in the table in ascending or descending format according to the different columns available. This is indicated on columns supporting sort functionality through the display of up and down arrow icons, which appear on mouse roll-over. Clicking on the up arrow icon for a column sorts in ascending order, while clicking on the down arrow icon sorts in descending order. Columns in a tabular view can be resized or rearranged through drag-and-drop style behavior.

A View menu that appears alongside the drop-down Perspectives menu at the top of the management pane provides alternative mechanisms to change sort order, the order of the fields presented in each column and to control which columns are displayed within a view.

Where additional information about an object or element is available, an additional expansion arrow is provided as a link alongside the item, usually on the left-hand side of a row when the data is presented in tabular format. Clicking on the expansion arrow expands the view for the selected element to display further information. Where this information is categorized according to related sub-elements, the expanded view may display tabs for the content related to each sub-element. Clicking through each of these tabs exposes the information related to each sub-element.