Create Virtual Disk

To create a new virtual disk:

  1. Click the Repositories tab. Select the repository in which to store the virtual disk. Select Virtual Disks in the navigation tree.

  2. Click Create Virtual Disk... Create Virtual Disk... icon in the management pane toolbar.

  3. The Create Virtual Disk dialog box is displayed. Enter or select the following:

    • Virtual Disk Name: A name for the virtual disk.

    • Size (GiB): The size of the disk, in GiB.

    • Description: A description of the virtual disk.

    • Shareable: Whether the virtual disk is shareable. Shareable disks have read/write privileges in multiple virtual machines and should be used with caution.

    • Allocation Type: Whether to create a sparse or non-sparse virtual disk.

    Click OK to create the new disk. To display which virtual machines use a disk, expand the table row in the management pane.