Edit Server Processor Compatibility Group


You should not edit the default server processor compatibility groups created during Oracle VM Server discovery. You should also be aware that if you add members to a processor compatibility group, the server processor family and model must match the other members of the group or live migration and other migration related functions may fail.

To edit a server processor compatibility group:

  1. In the Servers and VMs tab, select Server Pools in the navigation pane.

  2. From the Perspective field in the management pane, select Server Processor Compatibility from the drop-down list. Select the server processor compatibility group in the Server Processor Compatibility table and click Edit Server Processor Compatibility... Edit Server Processor Compatibility icon in the perspective toolbar.

  3. The Edit Server Processor Compatibility Group dialog box is displayed. Edit the server processor compatibility group as required. To edit the Oracle VM Servers in the server processor compatibility group, click the Servers tab.

    Click OK.

The server processor compatibility group is edited and displayed in the Server Processor Compatibility Group table in the management pane.