6.3.1 File Servers Perspective

The File Servers perspective lists the different file servers configured in your environment. The following columns are displayed in the management pane:

  • Name: The name that has been configured for the file server.

  • Description: A description entered for the file server when it was created or edited.

This perspective includes a toolbar that consists of the following options:

Table 6.3 File Servers Perspective Toolbar Icon Options

Toolbar Icon Option



Discover File Server...

Discover File Server... icon

Displays the Discover File Server wizard. Use this option to discover a new file server.

Edit File Server...

Edit File Server... icon

Displays the Edit File Server dialog box.

Delete File Server

Delete File Server icon
Displays the Delete Confirmation dialog box. Use this option to delete the selected file server.

Discover File Systems

Discover File Systems icon

Triggers Oracle VM Manager to perform a file system discovery on the selected file server. Use this option to discover newly added file systems that may have been exported on the file server.

Refresh File Server

Refresh File Server icon

Refreshes the list of storage elements made available by the selected file server. Use this option to rescan a file server after making changes to its configuration. This updates the storage information known to Oracle VM Manager. Since refreshing storage may be time consuming, a confirmation dialog box is displayed before the operation is launched.