Create Physical Disk (not supported on Generic)

On SAN Servers that are not using a generic Oracle VM Storage Connect plug-in, it is frequently possible to create a new physical disk.

To create a physical disk on a SAN Server:

  1. Expand the SAN Servers folder in the navigation tree, select a SAN server item contained within the folder. Select the Physical Disks option in the Perspective drop-down list.

  2. Click on the Create Physical Disk icon Create Physical Disk option in the toolbar.

  3. The Create Physical Disk dialog is displayed. Enter or select the following:

    • Volume Group: A volume group that you want the physical disk to belong to.

    • Name: A name for the physical disk.

    • Size (GiB): The size of the physical disk, in GiB.

    • Extra Information: Optional information that is passed to and from the Oracle VM Storage Connect plug-in for use internally by the plug-in.

    • Description: An optional description of the physical disk.

    • Shareable: Whether or not the physical disk is shareable.

    • Thin Provision: Whether or not thin provisioning is to be supported by the physical disk.

  4. When you have finished editing the parameters to define the new physical disk, click OK to save the changes, or Cancel to exit out of the dialog without saving any changes.