1.7.5 Toolbars

One or more toolbars may be displayed on a tab, depending on the tab, subtab or perspective that you are viewing. If a navigation pane is displayed, a toolbar is frequently displayed at the top of the navigation pane, referred to as the navigation pane toolbar. When viewing different perspectives a toolbar is positioned at the top of the management pane. This toolbar is called the perspective toolbar.

The toolbars are used to perform specific actions. Depending on the selected tab, the icons in the toolbars change. Furthermore, the icons in the perspective toolbar change depending on the perspective selected. Therefore, the toolbar options are context-sensitive and change depending on the part of the user interface that you are currently viewing. Many of the toolbar options are also available as right-click menu options.

In most cases, clicking on a toolbar icon results in the display of a dialog or wizard to guide you through the configuration or management task selected. The icons for each toolbar available on each tab and perspective within the user interface are summarized for each tab view throughout this guide.