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Oracle I/O Domain Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2021

Log In to the SuperCluster Virtual Assistant

  1. Open a browser on a system that has network access to SuperCluster.
  2. Enter this URL in the address field and press Return.


    Replace compute_node_1-Control_dom with the first compute node's control domain name or IP address.

    image:A screen shot showing the assistant login page.
  3. Log in as admin or as a user.

    If you are accessing the assistant for the first time, use these initial credentials:

    • User name – admin

    • Password – welcome1

    If this is the first time that the assistant is accessed, you must initialize the assistant. See Initialize the Assistant.

    Note -  If you forgot your password, and you have administrator privileges, you can reset it. See Reset a User's Password (Administrators). If you do not have administrator privileges, request a reset. See Request a Password Reset.
  4. (Optional) Bookmark the login page.
  5. Consider your next action.