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Oracle I/O Domain Administration Guide

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Updated: April 2018

SuperCluster Virtual Assistant Overview

This guide covers the version of the SuperCluster Virtual Assistant that is included with SuperCluster software version 2.5. To learn how to check your installed version, see Check the SuperCluster Virtual Assistant Version.

Note -  The SuperCluster Virtual Assistant was formerly called the I/O Domain Creation tool.

The SuperCluster Virtual Assistant enables you to manage the life cycle of I/O domains on SuperCluster systems. You create and delete domains on demand, allocating CPU, memory, and I/O resources as needed. The assistant automatically calculates a predefined amount of storage, then calculates additional resources for swap and dump based on the allocated CPU and memory resources.

From an administrator account, you can create additional user accounts that have full or limited privileges, and unlimited or limited resources. The users can then create their own domains.

Administrators and users can create resource and network recipes that are used to automatically assign a certain amount of resources to domains.

The assistant enables administrators and users to create I/O Domains that run Oracle Solaris plus applications (Application Domains), or Oracle Database (Database Domains or Database Zone Domains). For further details about domains, see SuperCluster Domain Overview.

When you use the assistant to deploy a domain, the assistant performs a number of complex activities in the background to configure the domain and install the OS. You can also create domains using an OVM template to further automate the installation and configuration of specific applications.

Administrators can use the assistant to monitor deployment activity, tool activity, and to obtain a status of the health of domains.