Geospatial range filter queries will filter records based on the distance of a geocode property from a given reference point.

The reference point is a latitude/longitude pair of floating-point values that are arguments to the endeca:geocode() function. These queries are triggered by the endeca:distance() function, which in turn uses the endeca:geocode() function as one of two arguments in its predicate. The syntax for a geospatial range query is:

endeca:geocode(latValue,lonValue)) rangeOp distLimit]


When the geospatial filter query is made, the records are filtered by the distance from the geocode property to the geocode reference point (the latitude/longitude pair of values).

For example, Oracle Commerce’s main office is located at 42.365615 north latitude, 71.075647 west longitude. Assuming a geocode property named Location, a geospatial filter query would look like this:

		endeca:geocode(42.365615,-71.075647)) < 10

The query returns only those records whose location (as specified in the Location property) is less than 10 kilometers from Oracle Commerce’s main office.

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