If an application automatically phrases search terms, it is possible a query may not produce results when it seemingly should have. Specifically, one way in which a dead-end query can occur is when a search phrase is displayed as a DYM link with results and navigation state filtering excludes the results.

For example, suppose a car sales application is set up to process a user’s original query and display any automatic phrase alternatives as DYM options. Further suppose a user navigates to Cars > Less than $15,000 and then provides the search terms luxury package. The search terms match the phrase "luxury package" in the phrase dictionary.

The user receives query results for Cars > Less than $15,000 and results that matched some occurrences of the terms luxury and package. However, if the user clicks the Did you mean "luxury package"? link, then no results are available because the navigation state Cars > Less than $15,000 excludes them.

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