The Ns parameter is used for record sorting.

In order to sort records returned for a navigation query, you must append a sort key parameter (Ns) to the query, using the following syntax:


The Ns parameter specifies a list of properties or dimensions by which to sort the records, and an optional list of directions in which to sort. The records are sorted by the first sort key, with ties being resolved by the second sort key, whose ties are resolved by the third sort key, and so on.

The optional order parameter specifies the order in which the property is sorted (0 indicates ascending, 1 indicates descending). The default sort order for a property is ascending. Whether the values for the sort key are sorted alphabetically, numerically, or geospatially is specified in Developer Studio.

To sort records by their geocode property, add the optional geocode argument to the sort key parameter (noting that the sort key parameter must be a geocode property). Records are sorted by the distance from the geocode reference point to the geocode point indicated by the property key.

Sorting can only be performed when accompanying a navigation query. Therefore, the sort key (Ns) parameter must accompany a basic navigation value parameter (N).

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