This topic uses examples to explain how to use the key restrict operator (:) in queries that contain Boolean search.

If you have two properties, Actor and Director, you can issue a query which involves a Boolean expression consisting of both the Actor and Director properties (for example, "Search for records where the director was DeNiro and the actor does not include Pacino."). The two properties do not need to be included in the same search interface.

Users can successfully conduct a search on this using the following query which will execute the desired result:

Actor: Deniro AND NOT Director: Pacino

This is useful because it enables you to search for properties that are outside of the search interface configuration.

The key restrict operator (:) binds only to the words or expressions adjacent to it. The resulting search is case-sensitive. For example, the query:

car maker : aston martin 

will search for the word car against the specified search interface, the word aston against the property or dimension named maker, and martin against the specified search interface.

If the intention was to search against the property or dimension named "car maker", you must alter the query to one of the following:

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