An ESearchReport object provides access to summary information about the search through accessor methods (Java), and properties (.NET). This topic contains code examples for accessing summary information in search reports.

The report provides basic information about the search through the following ESearchReport methods (Java), and properties (.NET):

Match mode information is available through the following ESearchReport methods (Java), or properties (.NET):

Word interpretation information, which is useful for highlighting or informing users about query expansion, is available through the ESearchReport.getWordInterps() method (Java), and ESearchReport.WordInterps property (.NET). The method and property return a PropertyMap that associates words or phrases with their expansions.

Spelling correction information is available through two ESearchReport methods (Java), and properties (.NET):

The ESearchAutoSuggestion, and ESearchDYMSuggestion classes have getTerms() method (Java), and Terms property (.NET) that return the suggestion as a string.

The ESearchDYMSuggestion class also includes a getNumMatchingResults() method (Java), and NumMatchingResults property (.NET) that return the number of results associated with the "Did You Mean" suggestion. For more information about these features, see the section on the "Did You Mean" feature.

Finally, the following ESearchReport calls report error or warning information:

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