Dimensions are part of dimension groups and both the group and its dimensions can be displayed.

Dimension groups provide a way to impose relationships on dimensions. By creating a dimension group, you can organize dimensions for presentation purposes. Each explicit dimension group must be given a name; a unique ID is generated when the data is indexed.

Each dimension can belong to only a single dimension group. If you do not assign a dimension to an explicit dimension group, it is placed in an implicit dimension group of its own. These implicit groups have no name and an ID of zero. For example, if your project has ten dimensions and no explicit group is set, the project contains ten different groups with no names and with IDs of zero.

You use Developer Studio’s Dimension Group editor to create dimension groups, and its Dimension editor to assign dimensions to groups. For details about these tasks, see the Developer Studio online help.

No Dgidx or dgraph flags are necessary to enable dimension groups. In addition, no MDEX Engine URL parameters are required to access dimension group information.

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