The MDEX Engine evaluates dynamic business rules and keyword redirects only for navigation queries.

This evaluation also occurs with variations of navigation queries, such as record search, range filters, and so on. Dynamic business rules are not evaluated for record, aggregated record, or dimension search queries. Therefore, a query must include a navigation parameter (N) in order to potentially trigger a rule. No other specific query parameters are required.

To preview the results of a rule with a time trigger, you add the merchandising preview time parameter (Nmpt) and provide a string value that represents the time at which you want to preview the application. The format of the date/time value should correspond to the following W3C format:


The letter T is a separator between the day value and the hour value. Time zone information is omitted. Here is an example URL that sets the date/time to October 15, 2008 at 6 p.m.:


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