You can eliminate duplicate displays by combining, into a single aggregated record, the records that contain the information in each separate display.

For example, an album by the same title may exist in several formats, with different prices. Each title is represented in the MDEX Engine as a distinct Oracle Commerce record. When querying the MDEX Engine, you may want to treat these instances as a single record. This is accomplished by combining the records for the different formats into an Oracle Commerce aggregated record. The MDEX Engine to handles this aggregated record as though it were a single record.

An aggregated record is based on a rollup key. A rollup key can be any property or dimension that has its rollup attribute enabled.

From a performance perspective, aggregated Oracle Commerce records are not an expensive feature. However, they should only be used when necessary, because they add organization and implementation complexity to the application (particularly if the rollup key is different from the display information).

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