In the same way that you can modify the priority of a rule within a group, you can also modify the priority of a rule group with respect to other rule groups.

The MDEX Engine evaluates rules first by group order, as shown in the Rules view of Developer Studio or Oracle Commerce Workbench, and then by their order within a given group.

For example, if Group_B is ordered before Group_A, the rules in Group_B will be evaluated first, followed by the rules in Group_A. Rule evaluation proceeds in this way until a zone’s Rule Limit value is satisfied. This relationship is shown in the graphic below. In it, suppose zone 1 has a Rule Limit setting of 2. Because of the order of group B is before group A, rules 1 and 2 satisfy the Rule Limit rather than rules 4 and 5.

Group B
   Rule 1, Zone 1
   Rule 2, Zone 1
   Rule 3, Zone 2
Group A
   Rule 4, Zone 1
   Rule 5, Zone 1
   Rule 6, Zone 2

If you want to further prioritize the rules within a particular rule group, see the topic “Prioritizing rules."

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