The Guided Search distribution includes a reference implementation that provides skeleton examples of typical navigation, record, and aggregated record pages and the components that make up these pages.

The reference implementation provides examples of modules, such as navigation controls, navigation descriptors, and a record set. It is intended as a guide for creating MDEX Engine queries and building pages from the query results. As such, you should feel free to use modules that are appropriate for your application’s requirements and ignore those that aren’t.

Each reference implementation module has a banner with the module name located prominently at the top.

In Java, the banner is orange.

In .NET, the banner is red.

All modules that have dependencies are named in such a way as to indicate the dependency. For example, the nav_records_header module is dependent on the nav_records module, which is dependent on the nav module.

Dependencies exist only between modules that have a parent-child relationship. Modules that have no parent-child relationship have no dependencies on each other and you can remove or modify them independently of each other. See "Module maps" for a visual representation of the parent-child dependencies.

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