The Nrs parameter has a dependency on the N parameter.

This means that you must use N=0 if no navigation filter is intended. Note, however, that the presence of the N parameter does not affect Nrs (for example, for such actions as spelling correction and automatic phrasing).

If the N parameter is used with one or more dimension value IDs, it can trigger Content Spotlighting, since dimension filtering within Nrs does not trigger it. The resulting record set will be an intersection of both filters. In this case, the dimension value IDs specified by the N parameter must belong to dimensions that exist for the records being returned by Nrs.

For example, if the N parameter is filtering on Author Location but the Nrs parameter is returning only Book records, then this intersection will result in zero records. In addition, during a query the Nrs parameter does not trigger refinement generation for multi-select and hierarchical dimensions, while N does. Therefore, because Nrs is ignored for purposes of refinement generation while N plays a key role, the N parameter should be used instead of Nrs for parts of the query.

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