The DGraph.WhyRank property value has a multi-part format that is made up of a list of relevance ranking modules that were evaluated and strata information for each module. Strata information includes the evaluation time, rank, description, records per strata, and so on.

The DGraph.WhyRank property is returned as a JSON object with the following format:

   { "<RankerName>" : { "evaluationTime" : "<number>", "stratumRank" : "<number>", "stratumDesc" : "<Description>", "rankedField" : "<FieldName>" }},

where the <RankerName> values are any of supported relevance ranking modules. The specific number of <RankerName> values depends on the relevance ranking modules you enabled in the MDEX Engine and how many of them were used to evaluate the current record.

Here is an example of a query and a DGraph.WhyRank property from a record in the result set. Suppose there is a query submitted to an MDEX Engine using the following query parameters: N=0&Ntk=NoEssay&Ntt=one+two&Ntx=rel+phrase(considerFieldRanks)&Nx=whyrank. The query produces a result set where one of the records contains the following DGraph.WhyRank property:

<Property Key="DGraph.WhyRank" Value="[ { "phrase" : { "evaluationTime" : "0", "stratumRank" : "20", "stratumDesc" : "phrase match", "rankedField" : "English" }} ]">

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