When making a basic navigation request, the user may define a series of property/dimension and order (ascending or descending) pairs.

If the user does not specify sort order as part of the query, the MDEX Engine returns query results in the same order that Dgidx stores the records in the index file. For information on changing the order in which Dgidx stores records, see the "Changing the sort order with Dgidx flags" topic later in this section.

All of the records corresponding to a particular navigation state are considered for sorting, not just the records visible in the current request. For example, if a navigation state applies to 100 bottles of wine, all 100 bottles are considered when sorting, even though only the first ten bottles may be returned with the current request.

Record sorting only affects the order of records. It does not affect the ordering of dimensions or dimension values that are returned for query refinement.

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