You indicate when to promote records by specifying a trigger on the Triggers tab of the Rule editor.

A trigger can be made up of any combination of dimension values and keywords or phrases that identify when the MDEX Engine fires a dynamic business rule.

If a user’s query contains the dimension values you specify in a trigger, the MDEX Engine fires that rule. For example, in a wine data set, you could set up a rule that is triggered when a user clicks Red. If the user clicks White, the MDEX Engine does not fire the rule. If the user clicks Red, the MDEX Engine fires the rule and returns any promoted records.

If a user’s query contains the keyword or phrase you specify in a trigger, the MDEX Engine fires that rule. Keywords in a trigger require that the zone associated with the rule have “Valid for search” enabled on the Zone editor in Developer Studio. Keywords in a trigger also require a match mode that specifies how the query keyword should match in order to fire the rule. There are three match modes:

In addition to triggers, a user profile can also be associated with a rule to restrict when to promote records. A user-profile is a label, such as premium_subscriber, that identifies an application user. If a user who has such a profile makes a query, the query triggers the associated rule. For more information, see the topic “Implementing User Profiles."

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