If you are using inert dimension values, the UI should check whether the DimVal object is navigable.

When sending the new navigation state to the MDEX Engine, the Oracle Commerce application should check the value of the Java isNavigable() or .NET IsNavigable() method on each DimVal object. Only dimension values that are navigable (that is, not inert) should be sent to the MDEX Engine, for example, via the Java ENEQuery.setNavDescriptors() method or the ENEQuery.NavDescriptors property.

Setting the Inert attribute for a dimension value indicates to the Presentation API that the dimension value should be inert. However, it is up to the front-end application to check for inert dimension values and handle them in an appropriate manner.

The following code snippets show how a DimVal object is checked to determine if it is a navigable or inert dimension value. In the example, the N parameter is added to the navigation request only if the dimension value is navigable (not inert).

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