You can configure dynamic refinement ranking to be used on a per-query basis.

The Oracle Commerce Presentation API lets you configure dynamic refinement ranking to be switched on and off on a per-query, per-dimension basis, including the number and sort order of refinements to return. This control includes the ability to override the dynamic ranking settings in Developer Studio for a given dimension.

A use case for this dynamic refinement configuration feature would be an application that renders refinements as a tag cloud. Such an application may adjust the size of the tag cloud at query time, depending on user preferences or from which page the query originates.

You set the dynamic refinement configuration at the dimension value level that you want to control. That is, dynamic ranking will be applied to that dimension value and all its children. For example, assume that you have a dimension named Wine_Type that has three child dimension values, Red, White, and Sparkling, which in turn have two child dimension values each. The dimension hierarchy would look like this:

You would set the dynamic refinement configurations depending on which level of the hierarchy you want to order and present, for example:

Keep the following items in mind when using this feature:

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