The following MDEX Engine flags enable the supported spelling features. Any or all of these options can be specified in combination, because they control independent features.

If --spl and --dym are both specified, explicit spelling suggestions are guaranteed not to reuse suggestions already consumed by automatic spelling correction (autosuggest). For example, the MDEX Engine will not explicitly suggest "Did you mean 'Chardonnay'?" if it has already automatically included record search results matching Chardonnay.

Spelling corrections generated by the MDEX Engine are determined by considering alternate versions of the user query. The computation and scoring of alternate queries takes time and can decrease performance, especially in the case of search queries with many terms. To limit the amount of spelling work performed for any single search query, use the --spell_bdgt flag to place a maximum on the number of variants considered for all spelling and Did You Mean corrections.

For information about other spelling-related flags, see the dgraph Flags topic in the Oracle Commerce Administrator's Guide.

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