No specific Presentation API development is required to use wildcard search.

If wildcard search is enabled during indexing, users can enter search queries containing asterisk operators to request partial matching.

There are no special MDEX Engine URL parameters, method calls, or object types associated with wildcard search.

Whereas the simplest use of wildcard search requires users to explicitly include asterisk operators in their search queries, some applications automate the inclusion of asterisk operators as a convenience, or control the use of asterisk operators using higher-level interface elements.

For example, an application might render a radio button next to the search box with options to select Whole-word Match or Substring Match. In Substring Match mode, the application might automatically add asterisk operators onto the ends of all user search terms. Interfaces such as this make wildcard search more easily accessible to less sophisticated user communities to which use of the asterisk operator might be unfamiliar.

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