The Presentation API includes several methods that you can use for paging.

The ENEQuery object is the initial access point for providing the paging controls for the entire record set. By default, the navigation query returns a maximum of ten records to the Navigation object for display. To override this setting, use:

The default offset for a record set is zero, meaning that the first ten records are displayed. The default offset can be overridden in one of two ways:

To find out the offset used in the current navigation state, use the ENEQuery.getNavERecsOffset() method (Java) or the ENEQuery.NavERecsOffset property (.NET). By adding one to the offset parameter, the application can calculate the number of the first record on display.

To ascertain the total number of records being returned by the navigation query, use the Navigation.getTotalNumERecs() method (Java) or the Navigation.TotalNumERecs property. If the number of records returned is less than the number of records returned by the ENEQuery.setNavNumERecs() method (Java) or the ENEQuery.NavNumERecs property (.NET), then no paging controls are needed.

The following table provides guidance about the paging logic necessary in your Web application to calculate the previous, next, and last pages.


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