The following Java example illustrates how to use these methods to send the dimension value boost and bury configuration to the MDEX Engine:

// Create a query
ENEQuery usq = new ENEQuery();

// Create an empty stratified dimval list
StratifiedDimValList stratList = new StratifiedDimValList();

// Set dimval 3001 to be boosted and add it to stratList
StratifiedDimVal stratDval1 = new StratifiedDimVal(1,3001);

// Set dimval 5001 to be buried and add it to stratList
StratifiedDimVal stratDval2 = new StratifiedDimVal(-1,5001);

// Set the stratified dval list in the query object
// Set other ENEQuery parameters

The example sets the dimension value with an ID of 3001 to be boosted and dimension value ID 5001 to be buried. The .NET of this example

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