To enable faster phrase search performance and faster relevance ranking with the Phrase module, your project builds index data out of word positions. This is called positional indexing.

Dgidx creates a positional index for both properties and dimension values.

Phrase search is automatically enabled in the MDEX Engine at all times. However, the default operation of phrase search examines potential matching text to verify the presence of the requested phrase query string. This examination process can be slow if the text data is large (perhaps containing long description property values) or offline (in the case of document text).

The MDEX Engine uses positional index data to improve performance in these scenarios. Positional indexing improves the performance of multi-word phrase search, proximity search, and certain relevance ranking modules. The thesaurus uses phrase search, so positional indexing improves the performance of multi-word thesaurus expansions as well. Positional indexing is enabled by default for Oracle Commerce properties and dimensions and cannot be disabled with Developer Studio.

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