The MatchAny mode can be used in combination with multiple record searches to achieve Boolean-query effects using a simplified interface.

For example, the following query:


could be used to search for items with a Brand property matching Polo AND Sport, and with a Color property matching either red OR blue.

In some cases, it is useful to contrast the MatchAny versus MatchAll mode for combined record search and dimension search operations. For example, the following query in a movie database:


would return records matching both Gere AND Roberts (such as Pretty Woman), but would return dimension values containing either Gere OR Roberts (such as Richard Gere and Julia Roberts).

The MatchPartial mode can be thought of as being the union of several conjunctive queries. For example, if Match At Least and Omit At Most both have the default value of two in Developer Studio, then the following query:


would return records matching either brown and leather, or leather and jacket, or brown and jacket.

On the other hand, if Match At Least is one and Omit At Most is two, then the same query would return records matching either brown or leather or jacket—the same behavior as MatchAny.

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