There are no modifications that are strictly necessary in the Presentation API code to support spelling correction. However, there are API calls that return information about automatic spelling correction and DYM objects.

Spelling corrected results for both dimension search and record search operations are returned as normal search results.

Optionally, applications can display information about automatic spelling corrections or Did You Mean suggestions for dimension or record search operations using the automatically-generated ESearchReport objects returned by the MDEX Engine.

For example, consider the following query, which performs two record search operations (a search for cdd in the AllText search interface and a search for sny in the Manufacturer search interface):


The Java Navigation.getESearchReportsComplete() method and the .NET Navigation.ESearchReportsComplete property return a map of search keys to a list of ESearchReport objects that provides access to the information listed in the following two tables.

Note that the auto-correct spelling corrections and the explicit Did You Mean suggestions are grouped with related record search operations. (In this case, cd is the spelling correction for cdd and sony is the spelling correction for sny.)

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