The semantics of matching search query terms to result text containing non-alphanumeric characters are described in this topic.

As noted above, when parsing user-entered search terms, a query with non-searchable characters is transformed to replace all non-alphanumeric characters (that are not marked as search characters) with white space, but the treatment of word order depends on whether the character in question is considered to be a punctuation character or a symbol. The search behavior preserves the word order and proximity of the search term only in the case of punctuation characters.

For example, a search query for ice-cream will replace the hyphen (a punctuation character) with white space and return only records with this text:

Records with this text are not returned because the word order and word proximity of text does not match the original query term:

However, assuming the match mode is MatchAll, a search for ice~cream would return non-contiguous results for [ice AND cream].

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