The UI reference implementation includes several JavaScript files to support modules that use forms.

These JavaScript files contain functions that combine the URL from the current browser request with form data to create the new browser requests. The JavaScript was written to avoid the use of complicated forms that use hidden elements to maintain the MDEX Engine parameters from the current browser request.

The two modules that use JavaScript are:

The JavaScript files that support these modules are misc_ene_switch.js and misc_searchbox.js, respectively.

In addition, both JavaScript files use standard functions contained in a utility JavaScript file called util.js.

The use of JavaScript is completely optional. Using the ENEQuery alternatives, you can create a form-posting solution that avoids the use of JavaScript altogether. You must remember, however, that if you create your query using one of these alternatives, you are potentially left in a state where the browser request URL no longer reflects the ENEQuery. In this instance, the JavaScript returned with the page will not be useful, because it references a browser request that has since been modified. Given this caveat, Oracle recommends that you use only he JavaScript files when:

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