You can create and use inert dimension values, which are dimension values that are not navigable.

Marking a dimension value as inert makes it non-navigable. That is, the dimension value should not be included in the navigation state.

From an end user perspective, the behavior of an inert dimension value is similar to the behavior of a dimension within a dimension group: With dimension groups, the dimension group behaves like a dimension and the dimension itself behaves like an inert child dimension value. When the user selects the dimension, the navigation state is not changed, but instead the user is presented with the child dimension values. Similarly, when a user selects an inert dimension value, the navigation state is not changed, but the children of the dimension value are displayed for selection.

Whether or not a dimension value should be inert is a subjective design decision about the navigation flow within a dimension. Two examples of when you might use inert dimension values are the following:

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