Dimension search queries, either default dimension search or compound dimension search, could potentially contain many results. You can limit the number of returned results by using the Search Dimension (Di) parameter.

The Di parameter depends on the Dimension Search (D) parameter.

As a general rule, if a dimension could contain more than 100 possible results, use one of the more advanced dimension search parameters to help control the results returned from the MDEX Engine. Without these controls, the size of the result object could cause slow response times between an application and the MDEX Engine.

To limit the results of either a dimension search or compound dimension search:

For default dimension search, the results are limited to the specified dimension IDs. For compound dimension search, every result returned has exactly one value from each dimension ID specified in Di. This restricts a compound dimension search to the intersection of the specified dimensions (as opposed to the compound dimension search across all dimensions).

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